Communication 2000

Communication 2000

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Communication 2000 covers the full range of the communication requirements of business and industry. The contents of the book are organized into seven parts; each part dedicates itself in covering a facet of human communication. The text first covers the fundamentals of communications, such as the essence of human and technical communication. The second part deals with communication models and aids, while the third part tackles the language structure and communication barriers. Next, the book discusses oral and written communication. Part 6 covers topics about research, while Part 7 deals with the general issues in communication, such as troublesome words, communication bugs, and abbreviations. The book will be of great use to individuals who want to expand their understanding about the nature of human communication.Example 2 The fashion world is bound to the vulgar, unnatural, phantastic, despotic, over-ambitious a€“ and is a slave to the caprices of ... respect of style and content the following types of essays are discernible: 12.4.1 The descriptive essay Our perceptive abilities play a major role ... This must, however, not merely be illustration or superficial narrative a€“ the writer must put his personal stamp onto his work.

Title:Communication 2000
Author: J C Huebsch
Publisher:Butterworth-Heinemann - 2014-05-20


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