Essays from an Unfinished Physician

Essays from an Unfinished Physician

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In these 50 years of doctoring, I wandered from the bedside frequently, founded a new medical school, helped create the largest education institution in the world for heart doctors, served a year and half apprenticeship in the political process in Washington, led U.S. State Department-sponsored teaching groups of physicians to 20 countries, was in and out of Asia 40 times-including being in the first group of physicians in China after 22 years of the Bamboo Curtain, taught clinical medicine to practicing physicians at a twice a year, ten day retreat for 30 years, produced a monthly one hour audiotape for physicians for 18 consecutive years, and wrote a once a month essay for medical students, their parents, and physicians for 25 years. None of that proves that the opinions expressed are right. Perhaps they do verify that the writer has survived exposure to very critical audiences.Lessons from Shortstop his is a story dealing with education, and the power of experience. Lessons learned through living take time; for all of us, time runs out before we have learned enough. Learning that time is life is one great leap towardsanbsp;...

Title:Essays from an Unfinished Physician
Author: E. Grey Dimond
Publisher:iUniverse - 2000-10-01


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